Different Easy Blogging configuration for different blogs/sites

I really like the Easy Blogging plugin. It not only makes things easier for less experienced users, but it also make it easier to customize the admin area. I've already created my own Easy Blogging theme. I have one question though (or maybe a feature request if not currently possible).

Currently, I have two options. Either activate the plugin network wide or activate it on each blog/site individually. This gives me the option to only use Easy Blogging for certain sites.

However, even if I activate it for an individual site, it uses the network wide configuration settings. Would it be possible to change these settings for an individual site?

For example, a certain site has custom post type X, while others don't. For that specific site, I would like to add a menu-item in the Easy Blogging menu. But I don't want this item to show up at other sites, since they don't have that custom post type.

If not currently possible, than it would be great if this would be added as a new feature.