Different execution_time value for phpinfo

I was wondering to use shipper. In pre-flight check I saw Shipper noticing max_execution_time is low but as phpinfo value it’s 180 where Shipper showing 60

  • Adam Czajczyk
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    Hello kamhangmak

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    I checked the site and server and it seems that the max_execution_time is 180 seconds despite of what WPMU DEV Dashboard and Shipper plugins are showing. However, if it’s a shared hosting there’s a slight chance that there actually is a limit even though the configuration is set to higher value.

    Could you please get in touch with you host and ask them if they can confirm what’s the maximum “allowable” max_execution_time value? That’s just so we know about the limits. If they confirm that 180 or higher is an acceptable value, I’ll include our developer in the case so they would check why both these plugins are showing it as lower.

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  • kamhangmak
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    This is the vps i can adjust the php value.

    in info.php, you can see Local Value & Master Value are 180

    Besides, I only found maximum allowable uploadable file size, script memory allocation

    I didn’t find any maximum allowable max_execution_time value? where can i find this setting?

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