Different homepage for logged in users and logged out visitors/user

Hi there,

On my site http://www.trylleskolen2.dk/ I use social theme and members plugin.

I need my homepage when NOT logged in to be different for users who have logged in.
Because people who visit the site have to watch the sales page (blank page I can edit) and when they are logged in they are on homepage for logged in users.

Obviously the two homepage have to be different, but I cant find a function for this and I cant figure out how to do that.

Please help me,



PS! This Question have been asked for in 2010, but the answers doesn't help me


On this support page the video is not working, so I cant figure it out:


    Hi again,

    So I found buddypress redirect login, but I dont think it's the solution. Because in the membership plugin you have the homepage with all it widgets. Perfect for members. It would be a shame to use those on homepage outside the members-area for visitors. I hope you understand my point.

    So I still need a HOW-to have a homepage/salespages/blank page anything OUTside members-area as a homepage.

    How to do this:
    Homepage for non-login users = salespage as a index-page.
    Homepage when login - just as it is now for members.

    Someone in this community must have solved this problem without the redirect-plugin.

    Please help me,




    Greetings Peter,

    Thank you for your input, it is greatly appreciated.

    It is true that you mentioned that Login Redirect plugin is not for Buddy Press, but until this post: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/different-homepage-for-logged-in-users-and-logged-out-visitorsuser#post-269013

    You never mentioned a word about having Buddy Press.

    Because in the membership plugin you have the homepage with all it widgets. Perfect for members. It would be a shame to use those on homepage outside the members-area for visitors. I hope you understand my point.

    No I am sorry I do not understand your point though I would like to.

    It would be a shame to use those on homepage outside the members-area for visitors.

    Almost anything can be disabled so that visitors do not see them to include using level shortcodes.

    Do visitors log in?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe


    Hey Joe,

    Yes, I use Buddypress - sorry, I forgot to mention that little detail

    I get your point. First to answer your question: Visitors on my site don’t log in, but can sign up to free membership and then they turn in to Free members level.

    Is this how it works: I configure my stranger-level – so visitors only view what I give them access to though access rules. There is only one homepage – both for logged in users and logged out visitors. Though access levels and short codes I configure the homepages so visitors ONLY watch for example a sales page/free offer/video. Is that right? Am I on the right track?

    If so my problem now is how do I design/configure homepage for visitors.

    I have no clue how to edit home-left and home right for visitors. Home-left and Home-right are the widget that control content on the homepage in the membership plugin, but I can’t find anywhere to disable them in the access-level area. At last I can’t find where to disable sidebar for visitors.

    If the secret is something with short codes, could you please give me an example on where and how to use them.

    I really appreciate your help.

    Cheers, Peter J


    Greetings Peter,

    Thank you for the additional input, it is certainly helpful

    OK thinking this out it appears that if you have more then one level this could be a nightmare because you cannot nest levels.

    So you may want to go ahead and copy the home page to another page i.e. home page 2, and using an applicable redirect send logged in users there.

    Modifying the original Home page to just what you want "visitors" to see.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe


    Hi Joe,


    That sounds like a good idea. Make a copy of the homepage and direct users to homepage 2.

    The question is then how do I make another homepage2 for logged in users. The members should still be able to view all the widgets for the homepage2 and without conflicting with the membership plugin.




    Hi @peter_jakobsen,

    Just checking if this issue was eventually resolved in another thread? Or by yourself separately to us? Or by us over email with you? Or using our live support?

    If so, no need to reply, that’s great news.

    If not, or you have any more questions related to this thread, please feel free to post them below including any new symptoms or errors and tick the ‘Mark as Not Resolved (re-open)’ box below the post area (or else we’ll miss it!)

    Otherwise, happy days, glad you got it sorted

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev member!


    Hi Patrick,
    Thanks for asking.
    The problem did not get solved.I still like to know how to make a homepage for not-login users and another for login users. People visiting the homepage needs to watch a sales page and when login they dont need the salespage.




    Greetings Peter,

    It appears that Patrick certainly has a good idea as well, amazing how two different techs come up with different solutions to overcome the same issue.

    In my vision of the cure it depends on what the home page was made of if not just a regular page and obviously we do not want an exact duplicate of the home page which indeed contains the sales page you mentioned.

    Therefore depending on the theme and what is to be displayed on the new homepage2, I would copy the page.php or single.php or even perhaps home.php and construct as necessary.

    Even better yet I would just create a post or page for the homepage2 without copying anything and then upon log in just have the members redirected there.

    In addition make a custom menu item to it so they can get back to it.

    Thank you Patrick for your input and thank you Peter for being a WPMU Dev Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe


    I solved it...


    Hi Patrick,

    I tried hard to make your tweaks working with membership. I had no problem with just buddypress. The problem started when I turn membership on. There is a conflict between Membership registration and the buddypres registration. I found a solution and it is easy

    You only need to go though step 1 and step 4 – the membership software take care of the rest.

    In step 2 membership have the landing page and take care of registration.
    Step 3. You design menu outside in membership.
    Step 4. The edit membership form in css, if needed.

    Oh. This took some time to figure out. So here have it.




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