Different IP addresses per Site

I have a few websites that each have different IP addresses/Dedicated IP Addy's.
I just installed the WPMU Dev plugin to get automatic updates and I also installed the Mapping Feature.

The mapping feature has my sub-domain pointing to the IP of the MU Domain that I originally installed.

Does that mean that for each and every one of my subdomains, they will all be subject to pointing to the main domain's IP addy? If so, how do I seperate the IP addy's?

I want each and everyone of my domains to each have their own IP addy's, if anyone looks them up on a Whois Query.

Please advice and thanks in advance!

  • ThePath

    Hi Martha and/or David lol.

    I will start by perhaps asking a silly question but just so I can get a bigger picture if what you are doing:

    Why are you using the domain mapping plugin? If all you domains have their own IP;s surely they all have their own domains?

    The domain mapping plugin allows your users to map your subdomain url to a domain they have of their own, as far as Im aware.

    So I start a subsite on your site: me.yoursite.com but map it to my own domain: me.com

    Or are you talking subdomains on a host like bluehost?

    Sorry to answer with a question but might help me help you better.

  • Martha

    As you can see from the attachment, I only have one site added that ends with .info

    I don't know how to add additional sites as seperate WP sites (and that's why I got the mapping plugin)....other than going to the respective, .info site dashboard and "adding" a site as a subdirectory. See Attached #1

    Whenever I currently click my My Sites, I get two options, "Network Admin" and the original domain. In this case, the one that ends with .info. See Attached #2

    I guess my question is....how do I add seperate domains on Multi-Site, without having to add them to the .info as pictured. I suppose if I knew how to add seperate domains as standalones, then I definitely wouldn't need the mapping plugin.

    i hope this question makes sense.

  • ThePath

    Im a bit confused as initially you said:

    I have a few websites that each have different IP addresses/Dedicated IP Addy's.

    Let me see if I have it clear in my head and explain how it works:

    Ok you have one .info domain name. You can create sub sites using WP multisite. So they will look like:


    You can then map this domain to another domain domain of your choice...so:

    when people visit: subsite.yoursite.info it will forward you onto: yourotherdomain.com

    This makes it look like a totally seperate site but it isnt, its still part of your .info site.

    The .info domain is the only domain that needs a dedicated IP.

    Does that explanation help at all?

  • Martha

    Yes, that explains it well....but I just realized, today, that if I wanted to avoid a footprint online and keep each and every one of my domains seperate....is that NOT possible with multisite?

    Or, is there a way to add different domains (as stand-alones) under where it says, "My Site"....instead of having sub sites using my .info site?

    I want the following:




    since each domain has it's one dedicated IP addy.

    Please tell me if I've confused you - even more?!? Or, does what I want make sense to you but NOT possible with multisite?

  • Mason


    if I wanted to avoid a footprint online and keep each and every one of my domains seperate....is that NOT possible with multisite

    It is possible, you'd probably need to add entries in the host record to point back to the server at the correct IP. That could solve it.

    However, if you're not on a dedicated machine with a decent server admin, you may have to use separate installs. There are plugins that allow you to monitor/log into other sites from one interface such as this one:

    Then they'd be separate installations but give you easier access to all of them - and not worry about the rest of the server configuration.

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you need anything further!

  • Martha

    Hi, Mason!

    It is possible, you'd probably need to add entries in the host record to point back to the server at the correct IP. That could solve it.

    I'm comfy going into my cPanel and adding/editing/changing host records. I've done it with CNAME and A records.

    When I do add the entries., though...Are you talking about:

    subsite.chineseherbal.info Pointed to Yoursite.COM or it's respective IP addy
    subsite2.chinesherbal.info Pointed to Yoursite.INFO or it's respective IP addy
    subsite3.chineseherbal.info Pointed to Yoursite.NET or it's respective IP addy

    Would that be an A record or a CNAME change in the Advanced DNS Zone Editor?

    As an alternative, the suggestion you posted above, doesn't require Multisite. Correct?


  • Martha

    Thanks, The Path!

    How do I incorporate the plugin that Mason has suggested with the Multisite that I've installed via WPMUdev?

    I, too, have a reseller accoumt. Are you saying that you install the Multisite on each of your cPanels for each of your domains? If so, how do you use the plugin that Mason mentioned? I'm assuming, as a noob, that I would just install it on one domain and remotely control all of the domains that have Multisite installed. But, I"m not sure about that execution.

    Please advise.

  • ThePath

    I"m not sure about that execution.

    Honestly either am I. I would read up on the plugins info pages etc and see exactly how it work but I assumed the same as you.

    Yes I setup a new hosting account for each domain and install whatever I want on it, be it WP, WP MS or another web software.

    Taking a quick look at the plugin it seems you may manage it from your FREE account here: https://wpremote.com/

    But please let me know...I will have to look into this myself....when I get a spare 5 mins :wink:

  • Mason


    I'm comfy going into my cPanel and adding/editing/changing host records. I've done it with CNAME and A records.

    The hosts file is a core systems file on your server. You can't access it through cPanel, that's why I mentioned needing a dedicated machine and being a server admin to do it.

    SO unless both of the above is true, you'd need to contact your hosting provider and see if they would do this for you - a reseller account probably doesn't have this level of access.

    Ya never know, maybe they'll totally hook you up with the solution. If not, wpremote or managewp are both fantastic services. I'm a paying member of managewp myself :slight_smile:


  • Justin

    Hi Martha,

    I've seen a couple of your posts and it appears you're all over the board with questions. I might suggest explaining exactly what your end result will be once you have your site's set up.

    What's the goal? If you are building multi-sites based on a .info domain without unique content, then yes, you may need separate IP addresses and frankly, you'll need separate hosting accounts all together.

    Typically to be issued a new IP address for individual sites you'd need an SSL. There's a shortage of IP Addresses these days and they're not giving them out like they used to. In addition to the SSL the IP will have a monthly cost as well.

    My suggestion, (I may be way off here) is to maybe create a thread of what your site's goal will be. What value will it provide and what functionality you are looking for and I'm sure you'd get some good feedback on how to accomplish it.

    I'm not against .info domain but being an avid domainer myself, .info is the last domain I'd build a foundation on. Mainly due to it's very low cost in the early days and with that came a lot of sites that were pumped out with spun content. So Google doesn't look at those .info as seriously as they would a .com.

    If you are going with the .info I'd suggest you register it for 10 years so it doesn't look like one of those sites that there one minute and gone the next.

    Hopefully I'm not intruding here, only trying to help. :slight_smile:

  • Martha

    Justin, thanks for the intrusion. I like it.

    I've decided to put my natural supplement e-store on hold for now.

    I'm going to focus on FacialsAndWax.com site, since that's what I do for a living. I'm an aesthetician and not a domainer, like you. :slight_smile:

    I have 30-days to complete that site for my grand opening. I'm getting a little anxious. Even though, WPMU makes it look easy, it feel like a lot of work. I know it's just the start of a learning curve and I'll get over my frustration.

    IF i can only find the PDF to the product theme, I'll be a happy camper. Would you kindly answer my question in the other thread, please?

  • Justin

    Hi Martha,

    If FacialAndWax.com is your business, focus your efforts there. Especially if this is your physical business.

    WPMU with multi-site and all the bells and whistles may or may not be what you need right now if you're working on one site and it's your main business site.

    I don't want to derail this original thread completely but understanding more of what FacialsAndWax.com is going to be in 30 days, might enable myself or others to suggest the plugins necessary so you can avoid the 'shiny button' syndrome. :wink:

    I'm also fairly new here so maybe a new discussion in General may suffice.

    As far as the supplement e-store, that's another ball game.

    I'm not sure about the "PDF to the product theme" but here are a few links:

    - Plugin and Theme Documentation
    - FrameMarket Theme for MarketPress
    - MarketPress Theme

    Hope this helps.

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