different lead times for different services

I am working on an appointments install for a laundromat. We have the whole thing set up so that visitors schedule two appointments at once – first a pickup, then a delivery. It is working like a champ. The problem… is that we need to instigate some rules around how far apart the appointments need to be. The laundromat needs to have enough time to complete the job before they return the laundry.

Here are the exceptions that I’d like to turn into rules:

1 – A customer cannot schedule pickup less than 2 hours before the appointment time. For the first run of the day, they must reserve the day before.

2 – If a customer reserves the first or second pickup of the day, they can schedule for delivery on the same day – as long as there are 8 hours between pick up and delivery.

BUT – if a customer reserves for a pickup at, say 3pm… then there must be 24 hours until their delivery time.

Here is the current setup:

time settings

working hours


I’m thinking of going the direction of setting up multiple services – same day pickup/delivery vs. not same day pickup/delivery. Then somehow custom coding those services with different lead times, etc. I am definitely open to other options.

Thanks for looking into it.