Different Permalinks for same product

Hi there, I am attempting something specific for my client and I am wondering if your plugin will be the answer. Basically, the website has multiple locations, and we want to have "mini sites" for each location that all have the same products, just different URL's. A multisite won't work because then every time we have to add a product or make a change, we would have to do it four times.

Here is how the URL/page structure of the mini sites will be:

HOME: leathercreationsfurniture.com/
Category: leathercreationsfurniture.com/leather-furniture/leather-sofas/
Product: leathercreationsfurniture.com/leather-furniture/971-cube-leather-ottoman/

HOME: leathercreationsfurniture.com/atlanta
Category: leathercreationsfurniture.com/leather-furniture-atlanta/leather-sofas/
Product: leathercreationsfurniture.com/leather-furniture-atlanta/971-cube-leather-ottoman/

HOME: leathercreationsfurniture.com/chicago
Category: leathercreationsfurniture.com/leather-furniture-chicago/leather-sofas/
Product: leathercreationsfurniture.com/leather-furniture-chicago/971-cube-leather-ottoman/

Hopefully that makes sense – Is that something I can do with any plugin here? Will a multisite work and I am just not aware of it?