MarketPress: Different prices for different Countries


I have a client that wants to sell the same product with a different price according to the clients country.

That means that each product has 3 prices ( UK, US, EU).

I need the store to show only the right price in the right currency based on IP address of the visitor.

Any suggestion how to implement this one?



  • 3SixtyEvolve
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    Hi Koff

    Greetings from the WPMU DEV Support Team and thank you for being a member!

    I don’t think we currently have that feature available, but it is a very good one. I believe what you would like to achieve will require a bit of custom coding, so I will ask the Developer to give us his feedback on it.

    Please allow us some time to get back to you.

    Thank you and have an great day!


  • ThePath
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi koff, interesting feature there. I dont even think Ive seen it in other ecommerce softwares! Could be quite useful though.

    If you need an immediate solution however I would suggest using WP multisite. So you will have the main site and create two sub sites which will essentially mirror the main site.

    So the main site might be the UK with all the products in £’s and at the UK price then have the subsites with the same products and varying prices in dollars and euros.

    I suppose this raises issues of duplicate content with google but I guess you could vary the desciptions slightly to combat that. Or you could block search engines from the subsites and when users first hit the website ask where they are from (or closest too) If the select the US then they get punted to the US subsite etc

    Out of interest though, could this way of pricing piss people off a bit….I know the big electronics folk do it, amongst others etc. But most small to medium sellers sell at one price and the shipping changes.

    Just thought of my own feature request for Marketpress: Automatic currency changer. So you could have a store in GBP but have a selector on the front end so folks from the US can get prices in bucks. Mmm need to add this to my thread on feature requests.

  • koff
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    ofcourse you didn’t see it. Its built in a way you won’t see it so you won’t get pissed :slight_smile:

    I thought about giving each product 3 different variations ( e.g. US, UK , EU).

    And filter the variations on the product page, and on the product list page.

    But I would really like to hear Aaron’s point of view on this one.


  • ThePath
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi Koff

    Well yeh it would have to be built in a certain way so users didnt see other countries prices as it always pisses me off when I see it cheaper elsewhere but then you always get killed by shipping overseas anyway so prob averages out.

    Anyway dude for this to work the user would have to be logged in with their address all filled out in the backend so Marketpress could link in to it and display the appropriate price for each product. So it kinda brings me back to my pissed off point….what price do you display first?

    So Im not a customer yet and so not logged in…..what price do I see? Its all well and good having a landing page but Google will spider your actual products and so I could gain direct access to a product page without going to the landing page. So the site has no way of knowing where I am, unless you link into IP but this can be unreliable. Anyway I arrive at your site being from the UK seeing a price in dollars that Im willing to pay, I log in and boom it changes to an increase price for the UK…….boooooo I say Im not buying that and leave. Just my two cents. Almost feels like false advertising…

    You could also use shipping prices to gain the extra funds required for different countries I suppose. Not very elegant I grant you.

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