Different Registration Pages for specific Access Levels

We are looking to create a membership area on a site. There will be two subscription levels, one where the customers pays and another where payment is paid for externally by the employer, so no payment would actually be taken during the registration. We then want to have specific content for each company, which we understand would be achieved using access levels. The issue we have is that we need the registration process to assign the user to different access levels depending on what company they are registering for. Can this be achieved with this plugin?

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    Hi there @Miles

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    If I understand correctly, you would have 2 different subscriptions:

    - One that the user pays for at registration.
    - One that is billed manually to the employer after the user registers.

    If that is the case, all you need to do is create one subscription with the price you want to charge the user at registration. Then create another subscription (the one the employer pays for) but set that one with a price of $0 (bill the employer manually after the user signs up).

    In each of those subscriptions, you would assign the access levels you need, with whatever access rules you need.

    When a user comes to register on your site, they would select the appropriate subscription (presumably aptly named for the different companies). Once the right subscription button is clicked, they'd be redirected to the registration form which will automatically register them on your site, and on the correct subscription & access levels.

    I hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

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