Different Template for a Directory Category


I'm using Directory with the wpmu-dixi theme.

I have a requirement to style one directory category different from the other categories but I'm having trouble figuring out what to do.

I've read a couple of posts where people have attempted to do something similar but I am struggling to make it work for me.

I read this: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/how-to-create-template-page-for-listings-in-a-chosen-category

and also the wordpress page for custom taxonomies. From my understanding....

The category I am trying to customize is called events-festivals. Therefore I should copy index.php (wpmu-dixi has no archives.php) and call it taxonomy-listing_category-events-festivals.php

Then I should be able to customize it....

I tried this and just added a simple echo into the file to see if it was being called but it doesn't seem to be. Am I missing something with how to get this to work?

I have customized the general categories already by copying dr_listinglist.php to my child theme. All I want is the same functionality but being able to filter out dates earlier than todays date and change the sort order.

Is it better to just code dr_listinglist.php to work differently for a specific category????