different ticket options for different suppport categories

First I need it setup where anyone can open a ticket weather they are logged in or not. This would mostly be for general inquires.
If I activate front end it forces a log in and I don't want that.
I would prefer to use this system to track contact us request instead of a separate systems.

Now the main purpose of this ticket:
I want when someone opens a ticket to have something like this:
They select feature request - then check boxes appear where the user can request features to be activated.
If they select billing a different set of boxes appear like pre-sales, current client, etc.

I want to be able to do that for any category/department. Is something like this possible with this plugin, if not do you have any suggestions on any others that would do what I want? An alternative is linking to my WHMCS and if that is required, please try to provide some resources where I can further look into that.