Different ways to use Membership 2 Pro with Pro Sites


I want to make 2 differents things on my multisite network:
- I'd like that only paid users (= not free users) can use Membership 2 Pro on their subsite,
- I'd like that on their subsite they can create their own membership site. For example, the most common case should be to let them show some content only to people who are member or their subsite,
- At the same time, I'd like that on my main site some content are shown to only paid users (= not free users).

I hope it's clear enough... :slight_smile:

Is it possible?
If so, how could I achieve this? Shall I network activate Membership 2 Pro or activate it site by site? (I guess if I want to let only my paid users use it on their subsite I have to activate it site by site but if I do so what feature will I loose?)

Best Regards