Difficulty creating blog entries


I'm adding blog entries through the upfront interface. Starting Theme 'Spirit'.

When I created the first post I was asked what template to use. I chose 'about page'.

it places the blog into the page, but I can't edit the blog item - text cannot be selected.

The post appears in the post list under Posts/Pages/Comments

When displaying the blog (i.e. for editing) there are two things that load - the blog item and it says 'Loading Discussion Settings' which never get to load.

When i return to the traditional WP admin I see that the posts have been created there.

I have deactivated all plugins except for WPMU DEV Dashboard
No difference.

I have tried with both Firefox and Safari, same results…

I tried posting a question through WPMU DEV support plugin, but I don't think it worked - never changed of 'Posting Question…' status.