Difficulty with Navigation with CoursePress Pro

Hello, I installed the CoursePress Pro plugin, and am having issues with navigation. First of all, I don't want it to show on my site until I have the courses ready. So I tried getting rid of it, and unfortunately, it went from being beneath my logo, to being in the top navigation.

I can't seem to change this from within my WP dashboard. As you can see in this image, courses are not part of the navigation: http://screencast.com/t/4ZavZK3tJ1M

But as you can see in this image, they are showing up on my site: http://screencast.com/t/WtBD6NnAdG

To get rid of that, I resorted to uninstalling the plugin, and reinstalling it. Unfortunately, even when I reinstall it, it shows up where I don't want it. (I can't even get it to clear any changes that I've made to it, even though I've uninstalled and deleted the plugin multiple times.)

So a couple of questions I have are:

1. How do I reset the plugin to the original settings? I was hoping that deleting and reinstalling the plugin would help, but it didn't.
2. Since the course, etc. pages don't show up in the menu inside my dashboard, I have no idea how to temporarily hide them, and/or move them to a different place.

I usually don't have any problem with menus, but this really has me stumped, as it's not behaving like it normally does with pages that I create myself.

Thanks in advance for your help!