Digital Download Encryption

I have just installed marketpress and love it.
I'm going to be selling mp3 downloads, and have run into a problem:

When I upload the files for download, the go to my media uploads folder, which is accessible by the public (or anyone with knowledge of how WP organizes it's files). Is there anyway of keeping them encrypted, in a separate folder?

  • aecnu

    Greetings Marc,

    Welcome to WPMU Dev and what a great question!

    Is there anyway of keeping them encrypted, in a separate folder?

    There is certainly no way to keep them encrypted and at most possibly password protected.

    But the person would still have to know the exact month and year of the upload to include exact file name and if not they should be getting a 403 Forbidden error like here: or a page not found error in WordPress sites.

    Unless the hosting server is not configured to protect folders/directory browsing which in turn leaves them open for phishing and hacking.

    Please advise if your hosting indeed allows directory browsing?

    If so then the security risks are truly monumental.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Mark


    As Joe said, you shouldn't have to worry about people accessing the default upload folder in Wordpress. Many people do choose to have their files reside in other folders but that's usually because it makes organization easier.

    I don't know if you know this already, but the download URL the customer receives is a masked URL, and therefore the true location of the file is not revealed.


  • marc_beland

    Hey guys!
    Thanks for the answers.
    Unfortunately, my hosting plan allows for directory browsing. I'll talk to the friend of the family that runs it, and see what I can do.
    Or I could switch hosts!

    Any way to get wordpress to automatically place blank index.php files in each of my uploads folders? I suppose I could do it manually via FTP, as well.

    There is, however, another problem:
    There is an mp3 player that automatically loads MP3 files from my media library and puts them in a player. I want to have demo versions of the songs in the player, and full versions in my store.
    The problem is that when I upload the full versions, since they're in my media library, they appear in the player.

    I know this is an easily solveable problem if I change how the mp3 player functions, but I also build WP themes for my musician friends, and they need it to be easy (uploading mp3 files to a media library --> file appears in player. simple.)

    How would I simply change where the full version paid downloads are uploaded to? Or not include them in the media library?

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