Digital downloads and advanced Adaptive Payments question

Hey guys :slight_smile:

You could have just saved me a lot of WP-eCommerce hacking with this :slight_smile:

When will digital downloads be ready? Months? Weeks? Days?

Regards the 'advanced Adaptive Payments gateway' - this is something a developer I've been working with has been trying to add to WP-eCommerce. The issues were that I needed each user to have a different % of the taken sales, so for example User1 looses 10% to the store per-sale but User2 looses 20%. I'd also like the ability, if possible, to have the % change on a PER-ITEM basis. So for example a user could sell certain goods where they receive 100% of the payment.

Another great feature would be to bypass the %-age taken if they are a 'member' paying a monthly fee using the membership plugin, is this something you are working in?