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I just looked up threads about this, they go all the way back to 2011. I have requested it myself previously over a year ago. It has gathered dozens of +1 support over years and years. WHY then is there not a way to add a digital download to a publication (or digital version of any physical product). It is the one thing that is going to force me to use another shopping cart rather than Marketpress, which is otherwise a BETTER cart in my opinion, having spent the last week testing others. Please let me know if this is ever going to be taken seriously, and be implemented. I have to make a decision on the direction of my multisite set-up soon. I am locked in on supporting WPMU for the long haul, but the shopping cart may unfortunately have to be dropped out of the mix, for another solution, customers will not support having to look up 2 different products for the options on getting the book or getting the PDF.

  • AIPman1

    I find it hard to believe that there is no urgent support for this feature. As I said, you folks yourselves have stated in past threads it would be a great idea - other major shopping carts have the feature - i have to believe that people looking at which shopping cart to go with are going with other carts simply on the lack of that feature alone. I may still have to myself if there is no plan to bring this in. I feel very dismissed by a "support nomad" saying you'll update me if this that will happen if no one is making any noise about it.

    I honestly believe you guys are shooting yourselves in the foot by not taking how serious that ONE FEATURE is to someone setting up a site that is to sell both physical and digital versions of CD, Books, whatnot. If moving your marketpress software up the food chain is important, it is a deadly serious issue.

    can we hear from an actual developer on the issue? I am willing to run a kickstarter or such project to pay for the development if needed...whats it gonna cost to add that option?

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello AIPman1,

    I'm sorry if you felt that I was dismissing you. That was not my intention. We keep track of what is posted in Features and Feedback forum - and when time comes and feature is updated then we get notification from developers and we update those threads.

    If you want someone to develop that feature for you, you can look for devs here - please note that the WPMU DEV staff is not there.
    Developing that type of add-on and charging member is against our policy, we don't do that. So I'm not able to tell you how much it will cost.

    kind regards,

  • Nithin

    Hi AIPman1,

    Sorry to know that the feature hasn't been considered yet. I do understand that this has been raised quiet a while back, it doesn't mean that the feature has been ignored, but when compared to other popular MP requests, it seems like it never made down the plugins development roadmap.

    At the moment, unfortunately there isn't any plan to implement this feature, but I'll make sure to keep you updated if this feature makes down the development roadmap. Sorry for any inconveniences. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

  • AIPman1

    As I've tried to make clear, it's not really JUST an inconvenience, it's a deal-breaker on being able to use your shopping cart for what I need for my website. And I suspect people who are evaluating if your software can suit their needs...reach that issue, and choose other software - it's not just me. I had a conversation about shopping carts with a distributor who put me in touch with his web developer, who told me as much. that there are not more people here asking for the feature is not an indicator of the need for the feature...they are not here asking for it because there are other solutions that have it NOW, so why even ask for it. I am trying to get that point across to you and the DEVS here, because I would rather have the shopping cart I use part of the same suite of softwares that I use for everything else...because I care enough to tell you this. it really is the people who are NOT telling you this that you should be worrying about, because they really are hitting that feature - and choosing to go elsewhere. your overall conversion of people downloading the free version of the cart, to those that pay for the long term for updates and support, relies on your actually GETTING that, and adding this feature.

    Someone in 2011 wrote that they accomplished it in an afternoon by hacking core files. I can probably get someone to do that if I tried. But I would much rather ot end up with a software that can't be updated as the software continues. I want to be a part of a properly moving forward group.

    Please hear what I am saying and quit with the "well it's not on any fast track to complete" attitude. The sooner you are all completely aware of what a big deal it is to be able to have your one product listing, be able to sell a physical AND digital version, the sooner Marketpress will join real competitiveness with other shopping cart solutions. Right now, the lack of that feature, is a DEAL BREAKER to thousands of people...I work with a publisher group that has been around for 20 years. I have tried to get our publishers to join my multisite set up and be networked, etc...and they WONT go past checking out the set up, trying to add one of their books, finding out they would have to have 2 different products for physical and digital, and they decide to keep their own separate site so they don't have to deal with that. It is really THAT BIG a deal to publishers.

    If you don't point the developers of Marketpress to this post and make sure they read it, then you all are losing out on one of the single most important things Marketpress needs, because you THINK no one wants it. I can tell you, I am going to HAVE to use other software for shopping cart until marketpress has it. I will continue to use the rest of the WPMU stuff I have paid for, but I can't use marketpress if I want to move forward with my network.

    Please, take a look at this - it's a list of all the people I know who publish. It's not anywhere near complete yet, and it already has over a thousand entries. Every one of them uses some sort of shopping solution on their private websites. I'm up to the G letter entry in adding my full list from the spreadsheet I have. Though ALL letters do have entries from books I have reviewed in the last year as well.

    not having "any plan to implement this feature" - is a real problem for the Marketpress brand.

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello AIPman1,

    I hear you and I understand your frustration. We are aware that our system for features that is based on how popular are ideas is not ideal and it will be changed in future so it will work better for our members (and even for us).
    Right now there are lot of changes going on WPMU DEV - new services, new plugins, changes on forum and our whole system to make it better for our members.
    Yes, presently there are tasks with higher priority - and as I understand that this feature is very important for you now, not in the future, it cannot be implemented by us now.

    Of course I will show your request to developers - but I know how much work they have now I don't want to give you false hope that it will be included in short period of time.
    It will be considered - but when decision will be made - that I cannot say.

    Please understand, that we here on support are not people that make those decisions - that is done by staff with higher position than us. I would really want to give you better news, but at that moment I can't.

    I can track what are plans for MarketPress and update you - and as soon I will have good news for you I'll post it here.

    kind regards,

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