Digital ProductVariation

I just looked up threads about this, they go all the way back to 2011. I have requested it myself previously over a year ago. It has gathered dozens of +1 support over years and years. WHY then is there not a way to add a digital download to a publication (or digital version of any physical product). It is the one thing that is going to force me to use another shopping cart rather than Marketpress, which is otherwise a BETTER cart in my opinion, having spent the last week testing others. Please let me know if this is ever going to be taken seriously, and be implemented. I have to make a decision on the direction of my multisite set-up soon. I am locked in on supporting WPMU for the long haul, but the shopping cart may unfortunately have to be dropped out of the mix, for another solution, customers will not support having to look up 2 different products for the options on getting the book or getting the PDF.