Directly to Paypal with one Level choice

I'm using Pro Sites 3.0.3 installed on WP 3.2.1, After much internal debate we decided to eliminate one of our original Pro Site levels, so now we only have one. So that means on the purchase page there is the big button to choose the one level we are presenting, and then the Paypal button below it to pay for it.

Well, this isn't intuitive for the user at all. Since we are only presenting one choice for a level, the user just wants to click the Paypal button to pay for it; under the circumstances, the level button doesn't even look like a button. But if she does this, she gets an error message saying she didn't choose a level. Of course she didn't - no choice needs to be made.

Any ideas on how I could recode this so that the prospective buyer can just click on the Paypal button, and skip the Pro Sites level button all together? My thanks in advance --