Directory and Multisite

Although I’ve been working with WP for years, this is my first Multisite install and I’m just getting the hang of SuperAdmin roles and having plugins network active vs. site-by-site active, so apologies if this is wacky newbie question: I have Directory installed and network active, the Listings menu appears in my main site, but not in the Network Admin nor on any subdomain sites. Its not listed in the Plugins menu on the subdomains either (which it shouldn’t be because its Network Active). What strikes me as odd is that CustomPress DOES show up in the Network Admin menu AND subdomians’ menus, even though its only installed as part of the Directory plugin.

Also, once I do get Listings to appear on subdomains, is there a way to have all the listings from all the subdomains flow through to a mass directory on the main site?

Thanks for the guidance!