Directory as a plug in NOT a theme??

I choose the Directory plug in because I have already configured another theme and wanted to include Directory as part of that theme, since it was a plug in I was under the assumption that it wasn't a theme but after installing and configuring it (importing in the additional data for beta testing etc) I realized that you have to switch themes.

I apologize if this has been discussed before, I have found a couple posts but nothing that explains how to integrate this plug in into a different theme. is there some kind of documentation that goes over all the info I need in order to do this successfully? Its not my intention to use the theme, Ive already spent a couple weeks on a different theme with its own content and want to use this as parts of pages or in widgeted areas of pages

Thank you for your assistance!

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hi neuroticartist.

    I choose the Directory plug in because I have already configured another theme and wanted to include Directory as part of that theme, since it was a plug in I was under the assumption that it wasn't a theme but after installing and configuring it (importing in the additional data for beta testing etc) I realized that you have to switch themes.

    It is a plugin, it comes packaged with its own theme.

    If you take a peek on the following link, in the instructions there are some details about embed codes:

    You can use those to embed the data where you wish within your own theme. You could also take a peek at the current Directory theme which comes packaged with the plugin, that should give you a head start on the functions you need to embed into your own theme.

    Hope this helps. Hope you had a great Christmas! :slight_smile:

  • neuroticartist

    Thanks for the uber fast reply. I did look thru the initial set up info (which is very clear and helpful) but I admittedly haven't spent enough time going thru everything else just yet. The install and set up page talks about embedding specific taxonomies but that was all I saw. I was just hoping there was some extensive documentation on the integration process, as I continue to read thru these forums I am finding more people expected it to be more of a plug in and less of a theme as well.

    Thanks for your help, any additional info you or anyone else can provide to help me with this process is always greatly appreciated!

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey again.

    The best documentation really is the theme which comes packaged with the plugin. It would let you see how the current look is achieved and which functions to use (like the embed codes).

    I think sometimes when a plugin becomes quite complex the best way to achieve the desired look and feel is to create a functional theme around it. The theme itself lends no real functionality to the plugin.

    The theme for the plugin is located in:


    You will see the default theme there.

    Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

  • neuroticartist

    thanks again, unfortunately I am more of a designer than a programmer and finding the right code inside the directory theme and integrating it into a new them could take me weeks of trial and error, I noticed somewhere on your site there is a services type page where I could seek out a programmer familiar with the plugin/theme and hire them to assist? Can you post this link for me por favor?

    Im quite happy with the fast support, you guys rock!

  • ginnydeering

    I. too am having trouble with Directory plug-in that is not really a plug-in. My goal was to create a sub-directory (or local navigation) for 4 cities. I wanted to list the same 13 categories for each city, which in turn would all have separate listings that would include name, photo, description, contact info, map link, and a link for a more in-depth description page which includes the opportunity for a large ad. After 2 days of working with this directory, I am afraid I'll have to scrap the whole thing. Money wasted.

  • neuroticartist

    @ginnydeering, I kind of agree with you, I mean I think this is a good plug in but it is also a bit misleading. I reread the site a couple times before I bought it thinking it was an actual plug in (which by legit plug in I mean I can use short codes or widget areas to embed it where I want). But instead its all in its own theme and you need to know PHP to go in and perform code surgery to make it happen. Its misleading.

    I ended up hiring a programmer to help me make my needs happen. To REALLY be a great plu in this app really really needs to allow for short codes and widgets to let us put the directory, or multiple versions of it, where ever we want it to be on our website.

    Admins, please take note, there are a LOT of the same kind of complaints about this plugin on these forums! It TECHNICALLY may be a plug in but it really isnt as us lower level WP admins are concerned.

    Shortcodes and widgets yo!

  • ginnydeering

    @neuroticartist, Thanks for your post. I am willing to get into the PHP and the rest of the code, with adequate documentation. I am not good enough yet to write my own plugins and widgets yet, but have had success modifying widgets and plugins. The problem here is that it is not written at all like a plugin - it is a THEME! The sales pitch should not include the word plugin. There is no way we can find out that it can't live on a page until we pay money and spend hours we may not have.

    Admins, please consider the following:
    #1 Change the name and description of the Directory
    #2 Include a thorough tutorial on how to locate the directory on a page of an existing theme.

  • DavidM

    Hi everyone,

    First off, thanks for all your feedback on this, we do hear you. And we're actually working on various ways to greatly simplify using Directory, especially with regard to other themes.

    One of the chief issues, currently, is that since Directory uses its own custom post type "Listings", template files need to be created in order for the listings to be properly viewed from the front-end of your site. That process is similar to the process described in our CustomPress plugin's instructions and a similar process can be used to get Directory listings displayed with your own theme, as Directory contains an integrated version of CustomPress.

    The included theme was provided to make the setup process a whole lot simpler though. And you could potentially use some of the code in that theme to provide a similar listing of Directory posts. Some of that is discussed in the following thread.

    Just to mention too, as Directory uses a custom post type, it's totally compatible with plugins that make use of custom post type features, like the following for instance, which provides a variety of ways for you to display listings.

    Also, there's currently a version in the works (should be released soon) that begins with some massive changes in the plugin's core, that will pave way for easier future updates and feature integration, in the following thread:

    Please do also feel free to add your thoughts in that thread and we can see about getting your feedback built into it.


  • ThePath

    Ive just installed this and immediately looked for the /directory/ page or a way to create it with shortcodes etc. Obviously not finding anything I read the install and setup instructions which to be honest I found slightly vague in some areas.

    Then I found this post and I have to agree with the criticism of this "plugin". I dont want to use the directory theme or spend ages trying to implement everything into my theme as I just dont have the time what with all the other stuff Im doing to the site.

    I thought this would be a quick and painless install and boom Id have a directory on one of my pages. As this hasnt transpired Im afraid Im ditching it for now. I was currently running WP Link Directory but its very basic. Might just stick with it for now tbh.

    Also I noticed that in the payment area on the menu there is no option to just have a free it free by default and only costs if you setup a payment gateway?

    Anyway, quite disappointed and agree with the above that much work is required to make this flexible enough to use quickly and easily (thats what plugins are all about).


  • homecleanermagazine

    I am new to WP and I do not write code or really understand it, I like the features touted on this plugin, but it is very mis-leading, especially for those of us learning WP and plugins, had I purchased this plugin alone I would not be a happy customer...

    I agree with the above post, I had tried another "very basic" directory, I am unsure of the direction I should go with this now and where to spend my time. One thing looking back I like that it created a page that lead into the directory.

    Question for "those who know", can I create a sub domain and host the directory there, or does it need to be a completely different site and url?

    My site is an online publication, the content is the purpose of the site, I wanted to add a vendor directory as an extra.

    any insight as how to make this work would be greatly appreciated.


  • sixfourweb


    As you suggested, putting the "directory" in another directory may be a good approach for you. Since you're at WPMU, you should look at setting up a multisite install. It would be one way to get around the way this plugin and it's "convenient" theme work.

    The Directory plugin would operate like a separate WordPress site, which may be a good thing in this case. Here's the link to the Multisite instructions

    Hope this helps

  • Michel Mosca


    Just fell for this as well and actually only found out about it's specific theme by searching through the forum here.

    I was happily installing the plugin and looking out for some page or widget to automagically appear somewhere on my 'chosen' theme...

    I was about to whip up a site for a town district including a directory for local businesses, but now I suddenly doubt, this is possible within the budget and time frame I anticipated. So somewhat flat on my face...

    having the directory as a page template (similar to Q&A or the Wiki) would be great. No idea though, if this is possible (@Andrey?)

    The advice to go and have a look at the existing inbuilt theme is certainly well meant, but I just don't have the time to dig around - and in the end it's kind of nonsensical if everyone has to do that again in order to achieve the same desired result.

    I guess we need a simple plugin that connects the plugin with just any theme...(lol?)

  • jdubbs

    Same thing has happened to me. I wanted to use this plug-in in a theme i have already been working with for the past 2 weeks. I was specifically looking for an indication that this was bound to a certain theme. and before i purchased it i found nothing. I am building a site for an association and including a directory of all the types of members in this association.

    If any of you previous posters have an answer please let me know.