Directory - Cant post to it?

Discovered this site yesterday and downloaded my first plugin today.

The directory plugin I want to be a directory part of a main Wordpress site.
I have it all installed but the "submit a listing" option which I presume is how the public add listings to the directory apparently has been "Disabled by the site administrator" (Thats me!!!)
I dont know where or how I disabled this function or how to re-enable it

Any help???


  • DavidM
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    Hi there Tony,

    Just to check, you are currently able to create the listings as admin at least, correct?

    Have you enabled users to register at your site? I get that message on a test site when trying to submit as a non-member, but members can submit just fine.

    Please let me know if allowing users to register fixes this.


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    The installation of the plugin went fine and I'm able to create and alter lists in the wp-admin area.
    I am using a different theme as the main site theme and just want the directory to be part of my main site not a site in its own right. If I activate the directory theme it gives me the layout for the directory and an Add Listing button. When I click that it sends me to
    The submit listings page created by the plugin doesnt have any text on it that might call a function that could display a user interface.
    All the settings in the directory plugin are set to allow postings and display of the user interface.
    The overall Wordpress settings I have tested with allow member ticked and not ticked plus all the options of what type of member.

    I am completely confused...


  • Mason
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    Hiya Tony,

    Can you give us a link to your site so we can check this out with you? I'll also ask Ivan to stop by and provide another set of eyes on your issue here.

    A couple thoughts:

    I am using a different theme as the main site theme and just want the directory to be part of my main site not a site in its own right.

    Ivan can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the directory plugin requires to be on it's own site - even if it's not your main site on a multi-site network, it requires it's own location to function properly.

    On that note, several new themes are being put together and more customization options so you can create the exact look and feel that you require for your site.

    Now in order to address your issue here can we get more information about your setup? What version of WordPress are you using? How about BuddyPress?

    I'm looking at the plugin now and am able to add a listing (running regular multi-site installation).

    A few more specifics (also a check of your server's error logs for anything relevant there) and I think we can have this up and running for ya.


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    I setup a subdomain and installed plugin there as a site in its own right. It works OK now.
    Yes the submit sends me to wp-admin when Im logged in as admin but an unlogged in user would see the "submit Listing" menu option and be presented with Paypal options. Not sure how you can let visitors to the directory post their own listing free. It seems you have to charge something so they can register or else I have to setup each user manually and then they login and post their directory listing. is that correct?

    Thanks for your help on this one!!


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