Directory Custom Fields and overall display requests/suggestions

Count these as bugs or enhancements or whatever, but here are my suggestions:

Background info:

– screenshot: (real URL here: )

– I created a category called “_Premium Listings”, among all the other Listing categories. I added the leading underscore so it shows up first in the list of categories.

– I also use a slider plugin at the main listings page (above the “list all listings” Directory shortcode), viewable here:


1) Add an “edit this” link on the single post (it’s already on the excerpt view: )

2) Integration with custom fields: have a Directory general setting for hiding blank custom fields

3) general setting for hiding other things too: featured image, posted on date, author info/link

4) general setting to allow/disallow (hide) ratings for all listings

5) per-listing option to enable/disable (hide) ratings for that specific listing

6) have a Directory-wide general setting for allowing/disallowing comments (just for this CPT). I know it can be done per-listing on the editor screen, just like a regular blog post.

7) Add option to hide specific custom fields

8) Add option to hide all custom fields for all Listings

9) Add option to hide all custom fields per Listing/single post

10) Add address field and map the listings

I know some of these can be done in the child theme template, but the plugin should be robust enough to handle all these requests without me needing to hack it in a child theme.

Thank you.

  • 3SixtyEvolve
    • New Recruit

    Hi @clifford

    Thank you for a very thorough post with feature requests/ enhancements. Indeed quite a list of items, but we greatly appreciate your input and feedback on the Directory plugin.

    I will make sure that the Developer @arnold is aware of these requests.

    Wishing you all the best, Clifford and thank you once again for making an effort to help us improve on our products.


  • Arnold
    • El Macho WP

    1, On edit links, this is more a function of the theme used. Many themes alreaday dislay a edit link and if I add yet another one they are likely to double up.

    2.Hiding blank custom fields. An empty field is an empty string and displays nothing. What most people seem to mean by this is they want the filed to somehow hide any formating around the field like a table row or div. How a field is supposed to know what it’s embedded in and how far back up through the formatting to blank eludes me. This is more properly a function of the theme since that’s where the outsides comes from. Pretty much the same for 3 through 5.

    6.This should be handled through the Post Type | Supports Comments being unchecked.

    7 through 10 Again you’re expecting the fields to know how to modify third party themes.

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