Directory & Custompress & Buddypress

I would like to know if it is possible to do the following and how to go about doing them:

1. I like to use directory plugin to create a directory listing of brokers.

2. I like to use custompress to create a custom post called 'trade results' that have few custom fields, and it needs to link to a particular broker in the directory.

So when I query trades per broker, I can pull all of the results for that one broker from the directory listing.

Since trades are entered by members, I would like to have add a "trades" section in buddypress that will link to the trades custom post.

I thought about adding a custom field for the broker_id, but then I need to look it up every time, and if there is no such broker, then I'll need to create that broker entry first... I think if I can create a custom taxonomy as brokers (tags) and it somehow links with the directory plugin, and will create a blank directory entry if it does not already exist, then I think it would be the more user friendly choice.

Any help that you can provide is appreciated. I just need the right understanding and the right direction on this project, Thanks