Directory, CustomPress Membership Plugin Questions

I am trying to create a membership site that allows people to create a business or event listing. I am looking to integrate it with payment. Your Directory plugin does a lot of what I want to do, but I have a few questions:

1) What happens to a directory listing when its author’s membership expires or is terminated? Does it stay live?

2) Is there a way to use something like Gravity Forms or Toolset’s CRED to create a “frontend-looking” form to create directory listings? I ask not only for aesthetic reasons, but because different types of listings should show or hide different custom fields

Which leads to a related question about CustomPress:

Are there shortcodes for displaying individual directory listing fields instead of just the group of all of them? This would also allow me to display only the appropriate fields for different types of directory entries.

And finally, a related question about the Membership Plugin:

Does this plugin make it possible to “expire” (for example, reset to draft status or move to the trash) content created by a member once their membership has expired or terminated?

Thank you. -Seth