Directory: Featured Image Button & Indicating "Required"


The screen shot at the bottom illustrates these questions.

1. On the Directory "Add Listing" page for a user, the "Set Featured Image" seems odd that it is not a button. Can this be made into a button? If not, I'd recommend a button for a future version.

2. While it's possible to setup Directory Listings so that a user *must* include a featured image, they are not alerted to this until *after* they have already attempted to submit the form without a featured image. This is potentially confusing because the user clicks "Save" and the alert for the missing image is subtle and well above the portion of the screen that is visible when the user clicks "Save." Can we somehow make it apparent that the Featured Image is required *before* the user clicks "Save?" I experimented with the Find and Replace plugin to change the wording for "Set Featured Image," but it was a clumsy solution.

Thanks for any help or insight!