Directory for Add on Blogs is it possible

For my Supporters is it possible to use the directory Plugin for add on Blogs and if Yes
there is instructions to edit the single.php template it says
19. Open up single.php file contained dp-theme folder of the Directory plugin using your code-editing program.
20. Add the embed code inside your WordPress loop where you want your new custom fields t to appear.
21. Save your new version of single.php and upload to your dp-default folder inside directory folder in /wp-content/plugins/
If its compatible where would the add on blog upload the single.php file? whats the procedure to do it?

  • Mason

    Hiya n2rga,

    Yes. Activating this site-by-site or with Suporter will be much easier to do with the up-coming new version of the plugin, but it is do-able.

    Unfortunately, I don't know of a way to let users edit their themes. As of WordPress 3.1 the theme editor link is located in the 'network admin' area in Multisite and is only available to super admins. Even if you used a role editing plugin to give the manage_theme capability to users they still wouldn't be able to get to the link to edit themes.

    My recommendation would be that when you provide Supporters access to the directory plugin, they also use the directory theme. Either that or use our multiiple post-type widget plugin to give them the ability to display directory listings in any widgetized area of their site.

    Anybody else doing this and have a solution?