Directory generates a 'listings' page issue


Directory is generating a 'listings' page at

All I want to do is put the directory category shortcode on this page to output my categories.

Do I have to dig into code just to change this? Why is it generated this as I do not want it.



  • johnnymestizo

    On a side note, I want the page located at to be where

    Once again, there are issues with that too:

    Placing the view listings shortcode

    [dr_listings_btn text="Listings" view="always"]

    generates the listings button correctly also the following code:

    $result = ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); return $result;

    The Add Listings button is working fine.

    The grid display looks horrible. Is it possible to add an image to this grid box for each category? So it will fill the top section of the grid?



  • aecnu

    Greetings Johnny,

    Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

    The button issue I believe was fixed in the latest update version

    It appears that the only thing this coding $result = ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); return $result; is doing is causing an error (please see screen shot below).

    The grid display looks horrible. Is it possible to add an image to this grid box for each category? So it will fill the top section of the grid?

    For this question we can go ahead and ask the lead developer what he thinks of the idea since an image would certainly spruce things up a bit.

    Though this may take a bit longer then a normal ticket, I will try to get him in here asap.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Arnold

    On the /listings/ page. This is the default behaviour of all post types in Wordpress. If you create a custom Post type it will automatically generate an Archive page that list that post type in reverese date ortder. You can change the name of page and overwrite it's permalink to something else but the default url for the arichive page changes. Iusually use the Word "Directory" for the Grid page and leave listigns for the Archive.

    As far as the grid. Since it has to work with many different style templates the styling on it is minimal. You can add whatever you like via CSS. Background image for the various areas in a grid block whatever. If oyu're expecting custom images for each category you would need custom programming because that not standard in Wordpress.

  • Patrick

    Hi @johnnymestizo

    Just checking in :slight_smile:

    I’m guessing that because we haven’t heard back from you that you’ve got your issue worked out via live chat or email, or that we have reached the end of our convo here. If you are still having problems or need any other answers on this particular topic please feel free to come back to this thread at anytime. Just be sure to mark it Not Resolved so we don’t miss it!

    This ticket is only being Resolved due to lack of activity. It is by no means an action to avoid, brush off or minimize your issue. We are ready and here if you want to re-open at any time and I apologize in advance for any lack of communication if this ticket is being closed in error.

    Thanks for being part of the WPMU DEV Community!

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