Directory: Limit listings to ONLY use custom fields

I want my users who submit listings to ONLY use the CustomPress fields I have setup. It should be very simple - no categories, no listing tags, no "posting" free form box. Just my custom fields and a featured image. Can this be done?

  • Mike
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi Jack, and thanks for your quick response!

    I don't have a mockup, I'll work on that. I'd take a screen shot and modify it but the screen content is too long.

    The content box should not be visible at all. I only want the custom fields to appear that I have setup for the directory_listing page. Currently, the following is visible to a subscriber attempting to post:

    Title (good)
    WYSIWYG box (remove this)
    Custom Fields (good)
    Excerpt (remove this)
    Add Custom Fields (remove this)
    Discussion Options (remove this)
    Listing Tags (remove this)
    Listing Categories (remove this)
    Featured Image (remove this - another topic altogether!)

    So basically, the list posting will ONLY have the Title and Custom Fields.

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated!!


  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there @Mike,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for the additional information.

    Is this the admin form? If we're talking about the front-end form, you can use this css :slight_smile:

    #wp-listingcontent-wrap {
        display: none !important;
    textarea#excerpt {
    	display: none !important;


    Kind Regards

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