Directory listing and classifieds tags problem

Hi guys,
I am trying to use the global site tag plugin but it will not display tags under directory listing and classifieds. i am using the latest WPMU. i have main site, sub-site which uses directory plugin and another sub-site uses classifieds. in the main site i am trying to display global tags from all three. however, it is displaying tags only from regular posts. it will display regular posts tags from all three site but will not display listing or classifieds from any of them. I Am also trying to use the google map plugin in the main site to display mashups from the directory listing site. i am trying this [map query="tag=33314"] in the map widget but nothing comes up. i am not sure but maybe the post indexer plugin doesn't index those tag well. however, the global search works so i assume that it does index the post.
thanx for any help