Directory Listings not displaying correctly

I am wondering if there is something wrong with my install of the Directory plugin. It doesn't really look anything like the screenshots. When I click on the category it takes me to a page where it only shows the first listing, and all the text is jumbled up for that one listing. And I can't figure out how to even get to other listings in the category, I can only get to one.

Here is my site to look at.

There are other issues, for instance, how do I tell what the top rated listings are? Is there a widget that I can put in my sidebar? I can't find it if there is, so maybe the install of the plugin didn't work correctly?

Another issue is that when adding a new listing from the front end, when I click on "Set Featured Image" nothing happens. Nothing pops up, I can't browse to an image, so I can't set the featured image. It also says "This field is required" so the only way I can add listings in through the admin panel.

Another issue I have is, I need to turn off the "Contact User" on the listing, but I can't find any kind of setting to turn it off. Is this not possible??

Thank you,

  • aecnu

    Greetings jamieedwards,

    Thank you for pointing this out and indeed you are having to deal with the symptoms of the css coding of your chosen theme which is obviously making things the way it wants them.

    You can adjust this in your themes css files.

    For more information about css click here.

    Alternatively you can use the included theme with Directory located in the folder titled default in the \directory\themes folder.

    Upload the entire folder "default" to your /wp-contents/themes/ folder using FTP Personally once I uploaded it I renamed the folder directory so I knew what it was about in my themes listing and then activate the theme itself.

    The reviews and everything are already present.

    Let me know how it goes.

    Cheers, Joe

  • aecnu

    Greetings jamieedwards,

    Thank you for the additional feedback and input which is certainly appreciated.

    So are you saying the only way for me to get this plugin to work is to use the provided theme?

    I did not say that - I was answering the statement you made --> It doesn't really look anything like the screenshots. When I click on the category it takes me to a page where it only shows the first listing, and all the text is jumbled up for that one listing.

    An obviously the theme used for those screen shots was the Directory plugins included theme with most if not all the items you were mentioning i.e. top rated listings.

    Therefore I gave the best answer at that point.

    Now that we have established that you are having an issue integrating with a different theme and not the one in the demo - what is the name of the theme you are using?

    And thank you for posting the URL earlier which is certainly helpful.

    Looking at your theme presentation as it is yes there are css issues going on there and you need to adjust them.

    From what I can tell the file and most likely the h1 h2 and h3 tags need to be adjusted from first glance at your site.

    So apparently with your chosen theme and the current style sheets (css) several adjustments will need to be made which custom coding is beyond the scope of the support that we provide here though we do try to help if we can as I am trying to do.

    Another option is shortcodes. Have you tired assembling your directory using shortcodes?

    Logged into the admin dashboard go to --> Listings --> Settings --> Shortcodes Tab --> apply as necessary.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • jamieedwards

    Hi Joe,
    Thanks for your reply. I guess my point is that from what I read on the Directory Plugin pre-sales info before I purchased it lead me to believe it would be like any other plugin and simply work with any theme I chose because that is really in essence what a plugin does. I am using a Wootheme called Canvas and have never had trouble with any other plugins and have used this theme for several other websites in the past.

    What would have been helpful for me and probably for many others would have been some kind of caveat stating something along the lines of "this plugin may not work with every theme and you may have to use our wpmudev theme for all the features of the plugin to work" I think this information would be helpful, and would not hurt your sales, but it would be more honest.

    This is what your website currently says "All you need to run a powerful directory site on WordPress – listings, payment gateways, affiliates and more – works with any theme."

    This info is simply not accurate or correct. If I would have known that it doesn't work with every theme, I would not have purchased it. Sorry, I don't mean to sound harsh, but I did spend many hours on this and I am no further ahead. I am stuck with three choices, 1) spend several more hours trying to rewrite the css on my current theme so that it will work with this plugin, 2) use the "default" theme, which is not responsive, does not have any widget areas, etc. etc. or 3) use a different business directory plugin to get the results I want.

    I am leaning towards 3, but if there is an easy fix that someone could point me toward to get this to work with my theme then I would still consider using your directory plugin.

  • aecnu

    Greetings jamieedwards,

    Thank you for the wonderful input and feedback which is absolutely appreciated and I do indeed agree with you --> when you quoted the pre-sales content, specifically the "works with any theme"

    I know that will be an Achilles heal because nothing is "all" ~or~ "always", "never" etc. and a bold statement considering that most theme developers do not follow the guidelines posted by WordPress.

    Unfortunately I do not have the authority to change it but will keep my eye on it for future issues i.e. theme conflicts.

    Cheers, Joe

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