Directory "Live" Rating Fix

This "fix" is for @Arnold (or whomever is lead dev for Directory) for the next version of Directory.

Currently when a user rates a listing, the stars change but the (0 votes; 0) information to the right side of the stars DO NOT change. This is due to the incorrect targeting of the class in the jQuery function in the file "directory/core/ratings.php" LINES 182 & 183


The Listing includes the POST ID in the ".all_votes" and ".all_avg" classes.

ie <div class="all_votes-1">0</div> and <div class="all_votes1">0</div>

To have the stats change along with stars, I changed the above to:

$(".all_votes-<? echo $post->ID; ?>").text(response.votes);
$(".all_avg<? echo $post->ID; ?>").text(response.avg);

And it now works!

Thank you.