Directory / Membership Style Plugin?

I've researched your Directory plugin, as well as your Membership plugin, but I am not 100% sure if one or another plugin will do exactly what I am trying to accomplish.
I am wanting to create a site, where about 100 users will pay annual fees to be displayed in a Membership Directory (their name, phone, company, etc). With the Directory and/or Membership plugin, is it possible for users to have roughly this flow happen:

Step 1: Sign-up / Payment for membership where they can then login at any point
Step 2: They then can complete what they want to appear online (they will be given particular fields using a form, not just make up stuff)
Step 3: Their information is saved as an account, and displayed automatically in a listing that looks like
Company A = John Doe = 123-1234 =
Company B = Bob Doe = 321-5555 =

Step 4: They can then later login if they made a mistake to their company name or phone number and make changes, and it will be saved and display online accordingly?

Thank you so much for your assistance