Directory Plugin and Multi-site Theme

Well, since this is very condensed, I will start with that question.

I know there are two ways of the directory plugin. The free and the paid.

#1…I was wondering, can I have users create a free account with limited features, and if they want have them opt in for the paid version? If so, how…

#2…in the free version, is there a way to limit the text that they type, because it seems like anyone can create a full blown article….

#3…In your demo, I see the the categories across the page, when I see mine, I see them all going down. How do I change this.

I first installed a theme on the site, then the plugin. Do I have to reinstall wp and then activate the directory plugin and the theme used in the demo automatically appear?

#4….I see the login page, but I do not see the sign in (to create a new account)

  • Arnold
    • El Macho WP

    1) Free and Paid are the same except for price. If you want to get into controlling d

    ifferent portions you'll need something like Membership to define what thatis.

    2) No Free is free.

    3) I think you're talking about the [dr_list_categories] shjortcode. Add a style

    [dr_list_categories style="grid"] or [dr_list_categories style="list"] Without a style it's just an unordered list html which you can style yourself with CSS.

    The default theme has to be copied from the directory/themes/default to the themes directory for it to be available.

    4) The login page should look something like the image below. Note that you have to allow registrations either in Setting > General or in Network settings for Multisite.

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hiya @ez123abc

    Welcome to the forums!

    1. Currently, the Directory plugin allows you to choose between free or paid listings. But it does not yet allow for both. However, when using the paid model, you can enable the credit system and give new users enough credits to create their first listing(s). This way, they can test your system and decide if they want to pay for more (or longer) listings.

    2. No, this plugin does not have any built-in content limitation features. However, you can set new listings as “Pending Review” or “Draft” so you can edit them before publishing. You may find something workable in the plugin repository though:

    3. Use the grid parameter in the listing shortcode like so:

    [dr_list_categories style="grid"]

    For all the available shortcodes, se the “Shortcodes” tab in the plugin settings in your wp-admin.

    4. To activate the Directory theme, you must manually move the default theme from the directory/themes folder in the plugin to your wp-content/themes folder. It will then appear in your site’s wp-admin under “Appearance” > “Themes” for you to activate.

    5. The “Signin” page should be auto-created when you activate the plugin. You can add that page to your main navigation under “Appearance” > “Menus”.

    Hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

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