directory plugin and/or edublogs theme and/or membership???

HI all,

I’m going back and forth on my setup; plugins and themes are starting to clash so maybe it’s time to ask the experts. Maybe the stuff I’m using isn’t meant to work together and/or isn’t the best approach.

I’m setting up a site for our club. I need a directory of members with a blurb about each one and I wanted to offer each the oppty to have a blog on the site. The directory would be open / viewable to non-members as would the blogs and there will be protected content. We have about 400 members, not sure how many will take me up on the blog.

I started with the directory plugin set up on a sub-site. That may be an issue. I need each members business details and a place for them to offer specials, etc. Pretty standard stuff.

I installed the edublogs theme on a subsite thinking that is where folks will sign up for their blog. Maybe that’s a bit of overkill, all I really need is a link to the sign-up page. But I was using the theme to show “look at all the things you can do with your site”. The site is and when you click “sign-up” you are taken to to create your site.

That is what I want to happen, the user to create a site on the main network but… I’m thinking it is a bug that is working in my favour. When you go to add a listing on the directory site with the directory plugin ” add a listing” takes you to add a site on the main network. I would expect that listing to be on

If you are not thoroughly confused, thanks for sticking with me.

Is there a better way to set this up than with this approach? Maybe I got a bit carried away by the plugins and themes available.