Directory plugin + Buddypress


Ran a search for this question and I'm not 100% sure I found an answer, so here goes!

So we're running a Buddypress education site and we want to use the Directory plugin to add a directory of schools to the site. However, while the plugin page does not list the Directory plugin as Buddypress compatible, more recent forum posts seem to suggest that it is:

Do the two work together?

In other words, there's only two things we'd want:

(1) We want members to be able to rate and review entries in the directory, with their Buddypress profiles linked to from their review. This should happen automatically right? Since it's basically like commenting on a post, and that's how Buddypress works out of the box.

(2) Comments/reviews on entries in the directory show up in each user's Buddypress activity stream.

Would this happen if I installed the Directory plugin on my site? Really hope so! If not, can anyone suggest solutions/alternatives?

Any help is greatly appreciated!