Directory plugin causing issues with my custom post type

I created a custom post type, and everything was working perfectly. I had some posts in, I was pulling the data into the site, and the linking was great. Once I got my custom post type working and tested it with no issues, I moved on to the directory that I needed to install. I activated your Directory plugin, and created some custom fields, and attached the custom fields to the directory listing type. Once I did that, now when I click on all of my custom posts from the custom post type I created, it brings me to a 404 error page as though the post doesn’t exist.

I disabled the Directory plugin, went to the permalink section and flipped to default, and then back to %postname% and my custom posts worked again. As soon as I turned the Directory plugin back on, the same issue occurs.

Please let me know if you’ve ever had this issue, and if so, how to remedy it!