Directory Plugin – Default Theme still not working for me.

Am revisiting attempt to install Directory plugin.

I have determined that the problem SEEMS to be with the default theme, as I do not get the error message when using other themes.

Directory Theme: By Tammie Lister, Ivan Shaovchev (Incsub) Version 1.1.1

Here is a link to my latest attempt to start a directory based site from scratch. Auto Insurance Circle

With this theme installed, I KEEP getting the same error message whenever I click on a post link. (Recent Posts) (So far, no problem with the directory part.)


Fatal error: Call to undefined function dp_posted_on() in /home/aicircle/public_html/wp-content/themes/directory/loops/loop-single.php on line 7

Getting very frustrated, as I am primarily interested in directory based website, right now.