Directory plugin – does it run slow?

Hello there!

I have a directory website for which I’d like to use the “Directory” Plugin for one major issue I’m having: it runs way too slow and drives me nuts! When I only had a handful of records it ran fine. After loading over 4,000 records it runs slower than the slowest turtle that ever existed.

I want to switch to use the “Directory” Plugin to solve this problem. The screenshots I’ve seen look great and I’d love to use it.


1. Has there been any issues reported as to Directory Plugin being slow? If so, what has been the solution?

2. Does Directory Plugin have an import function so that I can import all of my 4,000+ records from a CSV file?

Here’s my current website and you’ll see what I mean by it running mega slow even going from one page to the other:

Thank you so much for your feedback!!