Directory plugin example sites or direct author support avalibility?

I have an existing directory and from creation it was a sort of "proof of concept" as well as a sort of template for future deployments. The current site is using the directory theme from premiumpress which has been a love -hate relationship from day 1.

I now have all the components in place to go forward with the "Full Monty" and I find myself uncomfortable with using the PP theme. Personally I find the support to be horrendous and the flexibility of the theme to be lacking.

So, once again I am looking at alternatives.

It would be really nice to see some sites using the Directory plugin...or get some feedback from users.

Additionally/Optionally...I'd be happy to compensate either the Author or someone that has multiple experiences with the plugin to provide me with some Skype or phone discussion.

Normally I tinker my way through themes and plugins but I'm slammed with web design and multisite deployments right now and it would be worth it to me to pay someone to answer some questions regarding capabilities and limitations.