Directory Plugin Help

I am trying to get the Directory Plugin to work and have a few questions:

1. The listings/signup page goes to the account login screen if you do not have an account. How do I get new customers to sign up and pay?

2. If I have an account and go to the sign up page, on Step 3 of the Sign Up/Checkout process there are empty fields for name & email. Isn’t it supposed to ask that of the user in step one?

3. The reviews option on the listing pages does not work. It trys to link to the url#respond, but nothing comes up.

4. When someone signs up and then creates a listing and marks it as Pending Review – will it notify me via email so I know to go in and approve it?

5. How do I edit the descriptions for the standard fields on the add listings page?

And a request for improvement:

Why not just combine step 1 and step 2, so have them select the payment method in step one? This would make only a two step process for the user to purchase a listing.