Directory Plugin: How do I remove all the content on the right

I've installed the Directory Plug in and it's automatically inserting content that I would like removed on the Listing Category page ei. Posted on, posted in, tagged, average rating, reviews, .... I would like to hide/remove all this content.
1) How do I remove all these items?

Live example:

2) Once I select the listing, the logo appears under the title (which is fine) but then it lists all the same unwanted content again: posted on, average rating, reviews, posted in, tagged, bookmark, rate this. How do I remove all this unwanted stuff?

Live example:

3) How do I remove "Contact User" button?

4) Entering a new listing interface is the same as creating a post. Isn't there a way to use this plugin using designated fields ie. Company name, address, contact number etc.?