Directory plugin is breaking the backend GUI of my Yootheme WidgetKit when activated

I am trying to setup a searchable directory of member organizations for an association. I was able to install and setup the Directory plugin, combined with CustomPress, yet when I activate the Directory plugin, it messes up the settings section for adding new Yootheme WidgetKit plugin items. The CustomPress plugin activated alone still allowed the WidgetKit to operate correctly.

Additionally, I will be using several Yootheme templates, which do not have a ‘single.php’ post template that I can use to replicate and edit to customize the frontend display items of the Directory listings. Where is the Directory/CustomPress plugins looking to find the ‘single.php’ post template file? Thanks!


  • aecnu
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    Greetings Nikishna,

    Welcome to WPMU Dev!

    As you may have noticed we have removed the availability of the Directory plugin from the site, but please do not panic, this unprecedented action is only temporary until the new version comes out which unofficially we anticipate to be released in the next week or two.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Nikishna
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    Ok, thanks! This is helpful, yet was there a specific reason for pulling down the plugin (especially the customization instructions) now instead of just overwriting the plugin later with the new update? Was there a bug that is causing problems, that may be influencing my problem? Can I or Should I just use CustomPress to create the same function from scratch? Lastly, where is the Directory/CustomPress plugins looking to find the ‘single.php’ post template file to create a customizable replicate such as ‘single-movies.php’? Thanks!

  • Nikishna
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    Also, could you please provide some hints at new or improved features to better decide whether to create my own Directory or if it would be worth it to wait. My project timeline is about 2-3 weeks. Since the Directory plugin will be going through a revamp, I would suggest adding features like the Yootheme Zoo, Business Directory app. It is really easy to use, great to view and very customizable! I am sad that their Custom Content Builder is only for Joomla :slight_frown:

    Directory App Example:

    Custom Content Builder Example:

  • Nikishna
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    WPMU Dev Team,

    I really appreciate you guys getting the Directory plugin back up and running so fast! Unfortunately, the plugin still breaks my backend theme template modifications and widgets pages (see attached screenshot #1 and #2). Therefore, I wanted to see if someone could please take a look to see what you think the problem could be stemming from.

    Also, the two regular problems are: (1) the category grid listing shortcode function is not working ([dr_list_categories style=”grid | list”]), nothing is displayed, and (2) the [dr_listings_btn text=”Listings” view=”always”] shortcode only shows the last two entries (see attached screenshot #3), instead of all or paginated listings. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated! I can send you login information for the backend when you’re ready. Thanks!


  • Nikishna
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    No solution to this problem, yet I just recreated the functionality of the Directory plugin using ONLY the updated version of CustomPress. I will have to sacrifice the ability to charge for Directory listings and frontend add/edit, yet at least it doesn’t break my template parameter control and widgetkit pages. Maybe I can combine the Membership plugin with my custom solution : /

  • iaindb
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    Maybe you could use something like Formidable Pro to create front end add/edit your custom posts? And then restrict the access to the form (within the apage) or the page wholesale to just those people in a specific group (or using the Membership plugin)?

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