Directory plugin just not working at all

I have now spent hours trying to get this plugin to work. Most of this site is based on a membership directory. I've combed the forum for answers. Are these plugins something I have to do a lot of programming of my function.php files, etc. to work?

Nothing is showing up. I've tried the categories shortcode on the membership page - nothing. The listings I've created go nowhere. I have no idea from the documentation how this is supposed to connect together. I thought it would be seamless. Can you please advise?

Unfortunately, this is the second plugin I've tried from this site and I was never able to get that one to work either. It was the membership plugin. I finally used another plugin. Not sure what I've paid for here. If I have to spend this much time trying to figure out how things work, its not worth the money I paid.

Very disappointed. I'm a so-so programmer but definitely not an expert.