Directory plugin not displaying listings

Hi, I am contacting again because I cant work out why my directory plugin is not displaying my listings correctly.

The directory page on my site is:

I only have one listing in the directory currently, which when you follow the link 'browse all listings' it will display. -When you then try to click on the listing to open it up it takes you to a blank page. ( is a blank page)
The same problem exists for the 'add new listing' which forwards to the page which also goes to a blank page, as well as the 'member sign -in' button which goes to; -also a blank page.

The 'my listings' button does actually go to a 'my listings' page where I can see the listing I have created, but if I go to preview it it leads back to the blank page.

Please let me know what I have set up incorrectly.

Also - I have the Membership plugin activated with 3 levels of membership. The professional membership level is the only one which should have access to create listings, which appears correct - but when a user joins the network at the membership level, do they need access to the back end of the website to create their listings?

I have created lots of custom fields which I want to be displayed to the professional user when they list their business in the directory, which do come up when I click on the link in the back end of the site to create a listing, but how do I ensure these come up for professional users adding their business to the directory?

Please advise help as soon as possible. I did have another thread started here: which mentioned the problem but have not got a response about it in 5 days. That post was a result of my original problem which I posted about here:
which if you have a read through all of the responses led me to try and find my own solution and delete the buddy press plugin which I had activated at the time. I no longer have buddy press activated but now have new problems (described above) which I do not know how to fix.

Please advise,

Please tell me why and how to fix this.