Directory Plugin only showing 1 listing on listings page, and replacing all Post names with the word

This is so odd! I installed this on a brand new Wordpress install and then imported some content. The first listing I created is working fine, but when I added a second one, things went haywire. It replaces the 1st listing, and then replaces the listing title "Test 2" with "ListingListingListing" and also in my recent post sidebar widget, it replaces all the post titles there with the word "LISTING" also.

I noticed that when I put "Test 2" post into trash, "Test 1" shows up properly again. However, if I put Test 1 in trash, Test 2 still jacks the listing page.

I'm stumped. Of course, I'm supposed to have a functional demo ready for a client meeting tomorrow... Any clues?

  • hippychic

    ok, more clues:

    While continuing to troubleshoot i discovered a couple of things.

    1. The Excerpts piece was what was causing the post titles to be renamed. If a post has anything in the excerpt field, it breaks the plugin.

    2. If I enable test 1 and test 2 (listings) at the same time, the post title is Test 1, but the metadata that is listed under to it is for Test 2, including the featured image (see screenshot).

    3. These phenomena are occurring on ie, ff, chrome, and on both a mac and a pc.

    For the record, I also disabled every plugin, 1 at a time, and then all at once, to ensure there was no plugin conflicts. Hope this info helps.

  • Arnold

    I made up a fresh install with the free version of Pagelines. I'm noting that there something screwy with the Menus, both here and on your site. If I click "Home" on your site and then hover over the "About Us" tab, the url will read "" which just takes you back to "Home" not to About Us.

    If I then click "Recruiting" and hover over the "About Us" tab it will now read. "". Same with other tabs. Whatever page you go to becomes the url attached to the "About Us" tab.

    The problem seems to be coming from CustomPress, which Directory uses. If I just install CustomPress I get the same Menu problem. So it seems to be related to Custom Post types somehow. This is going to take a bit of work to untangle so I don't think it's going to happen before your meeting tomorrow.

  • Arnold

    On simplifying I find this menu thing appears to be a bug in Pagelines.

    I did a clean install. Just Wordpress and Pagelines. No plugins at all,

    Add a page "Listings"
    Add a page "My Listings" and set the parent of this page to "Listings".

    This should make a Menu Entry of Listings with a drop dowm menu entry below it of "My-listings" It looks that way but the Listings menu Item will always point to the current page url. So if I click "Sample page" in the menu then "Listings" will point to /sample-page/#m1. There's no way to get to the actual "Listings" page except through typing in the URL./listings/. This is just wrong by Wordpress rules.

    Notice No plugins, only the Pagelines theme is installed.

  • hippychic


    While I appreciate the time and effort you spent coming to the above conclusion, I'm not sure how it's even remotely relevant to the issue I'm having. I am not having issues with navigation and I'm not the least bit concerned with how the listing page is accessed. The behavior you are observing with PageLines basic navigation is by design and is easily changed with a WP custom menu.

    The issue at hand here is that once you access the listings page (regardless of how you get there) the page does not function properly. Multiple listings are added, but only 1 appears. Additionally, the listings cannot contain an excerpt, or the listing and any post names appearing on the page are renamed "listing" over and over. Neither of these issues is related in any way to how I navigate to those pages.

    I communicated briefly with Aaron today and he seems to think that the issue of the page not showing more than one listing has to do with the way that PageLines uses the "the-content" function.

    Here is an example of how it is used:

    Aaron believes that "The problem is it’s not anormal loop, so I think the plugin is checking in_the_loop() but it’s not returning true as it should, so directory doesn’t add it’s custom stuff. My guess anyway".

    The lead dev at PageLines strongly disagrees, and for the record, PageLines handles various custom post types (including other WPMU plugins, such as MarketPress) beautifully. I'm hoping you can shed some light on the subject. At this point I've hit a brick wall and can't use the plugin unless it's fixed. I have already rebuilt the site once, and will not be able to do it again. I have deactivated the plugin at this time so that I can test alternatives, but if you wish to continue working through this issue, I'm happy to help. You might consider trying to add multiple listings to your test install and monitoring the behavior firsthand. Let me know how I can help you, as I am happy to support the wpmu community, and I'm clearly not the only one experiencing this issue. :slight_smile:

  • Arnold

    As far as I can tell and I can't start reverse engineering Pagelines. The menu problem means whenever you address the Archive page it goes to the wrong place.

    Also the way we insert the directory content is top add a "the_content" filter when we see one of the custom types come by. In Pagelines the filter is disabled somewhere and never ever gets called. It appears Pagelines remove all the "the_content" filters and then re-adds what it want the way it wants them and in the process kills other filters that were added.

    The only way around that would be to make a custom template in this case named archive-listings.php and write from scratch what you want it to display. I'm not even sure that would work because all their defult templates are in code instead of templates.

  • Vaughan

    Hi @damian,

    Could you start a new thread related to studiopress, We can't guarantee compatibility with every theme unfortunately, especially themes that use their own methods that aren't standard to wordpress. Unfortunately we can't cater for everything. But this thread is a year old and a lot has changed. So if you could start a different thread, it might be that studipress works completely different to pagelines.


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