Directory Plugin – Questions

Hi, I’m still setting-up my first directory site (actually it’s the first site it try to set-up using wpmudev).


Here are some questions regarding the Directory plugin:

1. How to enable comments.

2. How to enable reviews.

3. Currently the “rate this” feature allows the same user to vote unlimited amount of times – can this be changed… If not is there a way to replace this feature with another plugin?

4. What would be the best way to allow visitors to “claim” their listing (after which they’ll be able to edit it).

5. Is there a working demo website to look at?

6. How to display “top rated” / “top commented” etc… for each category?

7. Is there a way to create “advanced search” to enable users to search by custom fields?

8. What plugins are suggested to be used to enhance user experience with Directory? (I’ve integrated only “Google Map” plugin so far.

Thanks a lot!


P.S.: “Advartise Here” (header) is misspelled :slight_smile: