Directory Plugin Shortcode

after a couple months of trying to figure out how to integrate the v.1.x plugin into my theme (with little luck and lots of time and money), Ive backed all that up, went back to my original theme and installed the v.2.x version.

my question is in 2 parts.

first, the shortcode [dr_list_categories] does seem to work in a widget or page/post but I was wanting to add it to a specific content area of the home page, and you can see on my page that it doesnt work that way. It only shows the shortcode

you will see it is there twice, I added it to a widget and I also added the shortcode inside the index.php to test it. ultimately I need it where it only says “[dr_list_categories]” and not in the upper widgeted area.

is there a way to get this code to work inside the php? or does one have to turn that area into a widget area before it works?

secondly, it seems we have lost a lot of options of how its laid out, In the 1.x version I had it laid out to display in multiple boxes, but it seems the only display option we have now is the list mode. Did we loose these other display options? I hope not, clearly to go in the area where I am trying to assign it (and for the reasons I originally purchased it), a simple 1 column list doesn’t work.

I am VERY happy that you finally updated it to work with other themes but Im a bit disappointed that there is only a single shortcode for integration :slight_frown: I really hoped for all the display options it once had via different shortcodes. Sadly Im now 3 months behind on this website and still no further than before.