Directory Plugin standalone site linked to from buddypress site - possible?

I'm using buddypress and daily theme and am considering adding the directory plugin to my site in place of a sort of directory I've already made using posts.

From my searches here I see that I cannot use the directory plugin with buddypress. I don't want the directory to be the main site anyways. I want it to be part of my existing site. question is....can I create an entirely new wordpress install with a different url etc. for the directory and THEN link to it or more importantly create a redirect from my current site - so that it appears as though the directory is part of the original site?

My guess is yes - I can do this - but are there any reasons why I shouldn't - technical wise or seo wise or anything like that?

I'm also on bluehost shared hosting and am currently getting throttled. Will adding a subdomain under my current domain for the directory cause me even more issues?

Is it better to get a new bluehost account for this or start to look into vsp etc.?

I'm not doing nor plan to do multisite. My install is single site - but considering I am currently getting throttled - I assume it's only a matter of time before I have to upgrade.

I'm certainly not a newbie at this but am not overly tech savvy as well so I'd need a cpanel and supported vsp etc. Everything I've done thus far I've learned through hours and hours on various forums here and elsewhere.

Thoughts on how to proceed?


  • DavidM
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    Hi Ruth,

    As Directory wouldn't currently work alongside BuddyPress, setting up a site specifically for that does sound like a great option. Perhaps you could use the User Synchronization plugin to sync your users so that they wouldn't need to register twice?

    Also, I'm not totally sure I understand regarding linking to the new Directory site. If you're thinking of making the Directory listings available (though linked back to the Directory site) on the main site, perhaps you could use the Autoblog plugin to do so?

    Definitely, you'd have to consider a duplicate content issue if you're planning on having the posts duplicated on both sites, but Autoblog does provide a "nofollow" option for the links back to the source.

    As far as throttling is concerned, I believe the database throttling would be a concern either way, using a Multisite or a single new site on the same service, though a separate site likely would take just a bit more space.

    You may be able to get away with hosting the database(s) for a short time on the same host. They usually allow a sufficient grace period for you to make adjustments too.

    Ultimately though, if you're planning on getting a lot of traffic or having a lot of listings right away, I'd have to say a new service for the listing would be best. Just my thoughts.


  • Ruth |
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    Thanks so much David! Your answers certainly help.

    Regarding the duplicate content issue and to clarify, is it a concern if.......

    I have my main site with a page tab redirecting to my separate directory site.

    For instance main site has a page tab that says directory. This page is either blank or has some text on it (doesn't really matter) and auto redirects (using redirection plugin) to the new directory site.

    The directory site will then have a link someplace that directs back to the main site.

    Does that make sense?

    Also, I tried to create a subdomain under my main domain. Installed the dir plugin, new wordpress install etc. into a new subdomain folder /public_html/directory, went through the directory plugin steps and I still got the twenty ten blog frontpage instead of the directory frontpage. Any idea why? Would it be b/c my main install (under /public_html) is using buddypress?

    I'm hesitant to open a new blue host account just to try the dir plugin and have the same issue.

    Thanks again!

  • DavidM
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    Hi Ruth,

    First off, if you're looking to simply link between your two sites like that, I can't see a single reason why that would be an issue at all.

    Regarding the theme, that's definitely odd. Can you at least see the Directory theme in your themes list?

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