Directory Problems – Pages Duplicating

I’ve been working on a Directory site for three weeks now full time. Friday of last week I added in the Membership plugin, in hopes of creating a workaround for the poorly build signup process. Sometime around then auto-created Directory pages began duplicating themselves. The “Add Listing” page and “My Listings” pages have been created hundreds of times.

The worst part of this is that it’s taking over page ID’s. I can only assume my whole database is screwed. If I attempt to create a new page, that new page will get an ID (example: 44180). Then somehow 15 new “Add Listings” pages will appear. In the WordPress Page Admin, the page is still ID 44180 but in my navigation, it now thinks that page is 44188.

This is raking havoc on my slider, my menus, my links, and my nerves. Please help.