Directory Questions: Grid shortcode, featured listing, multiple plans

Hey WPMU DEV Team,

Thank you for all of the support as usual. Few questions about the new directory plugin:

1. I have placed the categories shortcode onto a page and this is what I get.... It seems to break the page and the categories are not displayed in a grid. Am I to assume that I would have to do a lot of tweaking/coding to get the categories to display at all like on the screenshots for the other template?

2. Is there any plans for any directory widgets? I would love one where a featured listing could be displayed.

3. Lastly, for now :wink:, as is you can only create one recurring payment amount and one 1 time fee. The way I am setting up my directory is that people can choose to pay either one recurring amount or another depending on the features they want with it. Is there any plans to allow for more flexible payment setups. I would also like to have a yearly payment amount. As of now I would have to code all that in? Not sure I would know how to do that.

Thanks for any help!